Vanished Lives:

the men of
Buckland St Mary
who fought in WWI

Rosanna Barton


Buckland St Mary Parish Council


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In Memory

Of The Brave Men

Of Buckland St Mary

Who Gave Their Lives

In The Great War


Buckland St Mary War Memorial Inscription


‘From Buckland St Mary there went into HM's forces about seventy men from a population of about 450. Of these sixteen joined voluntarily all the remainder, except those underage at the time attested under Lord Derby's scheme ...

... On the outbreak of war several ladies of the village took a course of sick nursing and ambulance work and being thus qualified they did most useful work at the V.A.D. hospital at Ilminster. The women of the parish were organised by Mesdames Lance and Pott and met weekly for the purpose of making pillowcases and moss bags for splints, several hundred of which, were sent to a collection station.' (The Western Gazette)